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Raag - Bairagi
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Raag - Bairagi

Ustad Salamaat Ali khan, son of Wilayat Ali Khan, was born in Hoshinyapur on 12 December 1934. He began training as a classical vocalist at the age of 5 under his father's tutelage. his faather recognised his potsential as a Kheyal singer and advised him to concentrate on this disciplene. At age 7, he sang raga Mian Ki Todi at a festival in Jallandar, where he was further encouraged by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Ustad Rajab Ali Khan.                               

Salamat Ali Khan belongs to the Sham Chorasi gharana, which was founded by Suraj khan and Chand Khan in thae time of akbar. From 1956 to 1966 he participated every year in the music conference in Calcutta, wheere he received many awards. A legendary exponent of classical music, Salamat Ali Khan is equally knoawn and respected in Pakistan , India , Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal for his command over music and his ability to render a raga in its true spirit.

Salamat Ali Khan has done much to disseminate and popularise classical music. He has revived such disappearing forms as the Sadhra, Lakshan, Geet and Tappa and also composed many new ragas, including Ropavati, Kalyan and Kanwal Bhairon. An internationally known performer, he has appeared in many international music conferences and festivals, astonishing his listeners with scintillating renditions. He and his sons also recorded a traditional floor soiree for the Pakistan National Council of the Arts and Unesco, which are working jointly to document the work of the major classical artists and gharanas.

Salamat Ali Khan enjoys the honour of having transferred the art of classical music to over 1,000 disciples within and outsice Pakistan. A highly celebrated artist, he has received the President's Pride of Performance, the highest award in the field of performing arts.