Samannaya-A-duo Extraordinare

Ashim Chowdhury

Ranajit Sengupta

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Raag Basant Mukhari- Alap Jod Jhala
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Raag Basant Mukhari- Gat Teentaal
INR 60.00

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Released : 8th July 2010
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  Ranajit Sengupta:  Ranajit Sengupta is one of the best Sarode Players from India, having performed in major Music, Festivals &Venues in more than 25 Countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria,  Greece,  Netherland,  Switzerland, Belgium & Latin America to name a few. Ranajit represents the Maihar Gharana & studied under Late Dhyanesh Khan & Aashish Khan. He is an "A" Grade Sarode Player form All India Radio since 1994 & have got more than 30 CD's & DVD's released worldwide to his credit. Ranajit have been awarded with "PRESIDENTS" Awards for securing first position in All India Radio Competition, Baba Allaudin memorial Award, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee memorial Award & the "Best talent of the Year"Award from HMV Saregama. He has composed music for the Dutch Feature film "Dark Amsterdam" & the title music for the International Film Festival 1994. Ranajit has been a "FELLOW OF THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE", Govt of India & has composed & performed with World Fusion, Jazz & Modern Music.He is an artist of ICCR. Ashim Chowdhury:  In the domain of Indian classical music, Ashim Chowdhury has established himself as one of the most talented Sitar Players of his generation, representing the glorious traditions of Great Imdadkhani Gharana.He was initated into music by his father Shri Shibu Chowdhury, a renowned tabla player. At the tender age of five, Ashim took up the Sitar under the tutelage of an eminent Sitar Maestro, Late Ustad Benjamin Gomes. In the year 1985, Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee, a doyen of the Imdadkhani Gharana, took Ashim under his wings, from whom Ashim took the lesson of disciplined development of raga based on the Gayaki or Khayal Ang, the essence of the Imdadkhani Gharana to bring out the music of soul from his instrument.Ashim has received numerous awards and honour including West Bengal State Music Academy Awards (1st place in 1989), the prestigious "SURMANI" title from Sur Shringer Samsad, Mumbai, "Maharishi Gandharva Ved " Award from Delhi, "Sangeet Alankar" (M.MUS) from Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya etc. Hs is an artiste of the Indian Council for Cultural Relation (ICCR) & an "A" grade Sitar Player of All India Radio and Dooradarshan. In the year 1995, his audio cassette got published from Calcutta. Ashim is a regular performer in numerous conferences and concerts across the country round the year.