Debojit Chakraborty

Debajit Chakraborty

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Raa Bilaskhani Todi - Alap & Jod
INR 30.00
Raag Bilakshani Todi- Gat in Teentaal
INR 30.00
Raag - Abhogi- Short Alap and Gat in Madhyalaya teentaal
INR 30.00

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Born in a family having a musical tradition , Debajit started learning sitar at a very tender age under the tutelage of the renowned Pt.Manilal Nag of Vishnupur Gharana and received 'talim' for fifteen years and after that he started taking training under Prof. Santosh Banerjee of Rampur-Senia Gharana. He is an 'A' Grade artiste of AIR and regular performing artiste of Doordarshan. He has performed in all most all the prestigious venues in India.On every occasion he was lauded by public and press alike. Debajit had been to Russia as a lecturer cum performer and performed at every pretigious venues. Through his performance he invoked keen interest in Indian Classical Music amongst Russian listeners. He is also a regular visiting artiste to Canada and USA where his performances are well appreciated and accepted. Besides his musical abilities, Debajit is also an Honours Graduate in Commerce from Calcutta University and he has a Master Degree in Instrumental Music from Rabindra Bharati University with Gold Medal for excellance in his subject.