Sulagna Halder

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Raag Suddh Sarang
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Raag Patdeep
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Kajri - Kare baorare tu to zulm kiya
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Released : 18th September 2009
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Language : Hindi


The Album Journey by eminent vocalist Smt. Sulagna Haldar cotains the following tracks :- Raag : Sudh Sarang Vilambit Ektal :  Ayi sab mile deho mubarak Drut Teental : Potiyale ja bamanua Raag : Patdeep - Vilambit Ektal - Ae piya nahin aye Drut Teental - Dhana Dhana aaj more bhag Kajri : Kare baorare tu to zulm kiya


Sulagna Halder: 

Sulagna Halder, a young and talented vocalist was born in Kolkata to a family with musical heritage and environment. She started lessons in music at an early age of 4 with Miss Phalguni Bakshi, disciple of Bidushi Mira Bandyopadhyay who is also her own aunt by relation.Gradually she got lessons from Pandit Jaiswalji & Dr Aradhana Dey. She has been taking talim with Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury for the last ten years. She is much proud for due recognition praise from her guru. She has been performing several programme since 2001 in several places like Kolkata & sorrounding areas like Purulia, Durgapur, Jamshedpur etc. & regularly same were published in several news papers with praise.She has passed several diplomas and degrees from Prayag Sangeet Samity Allahabad & Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. Recently she completed B Mus. vocal(H) from Bengal Music College Kolkata. 

The speciality of her performance is systematic raga developments with alap, swargam, tans, boltans & laykari. Blessed with a bold, melodious voice & the capacity at grasping & expressing the correct mood of a raag, Sulagna has carved a miche in the heart of all music lovers.