Eternal Longing

Punyabrota Dasgupta

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Raag Maru Bihaag Vilambit Khayal (Taal - Ektaal) Drut Khayal (Taal - Teentaal)
INR 30.00
Raag Chandrakauns Khayal (Taal – Teentaal)
INR 20.00
Thumri Khamaj
INR 15.00

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Type : Audio CD
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Released : 5th November 2011
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Language : Hindi


Raag Maru Bihaag Vilambit Khayal (Taal - Ektaal) Drut Khayal (Taal - Teentaal) Raag Chandrakauns Khayal (Taal – Teentaal) Thumri Khamaj

Punyabrota Dasgupta is passionate and sincere about Indian classical music and since his childhood has religiously pursued the same as a parallel career. He has successfully participated in several prestigious Indian classical music concerts across the country and is currently under the able guidance of Sri. Aguru Sarkar, a disciple of the renowned sarangi and vocal maestro Ustad Md. Sagiruddin Khan. On a different note, Punyabrota is an engineer by profession with a specialization in the field of Information Technology.