Rita Dev

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Raag Bageshree- Vilambit Ektaal - Aaye Ho Piya
INR 30.00
Raag Bageshree- Drut Teentaal - Man Mohona Mero Man Lago
INR 20.00
Thumri- Mishra Khamaj- Swariyan Ko Dekhe Bina Nahi Chain
INR 20.00
Dadra- Mishra Bhairavi- Wohi Jao Jahan Jage Sarri Ratiya
INR 20.00

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Type : Audio CD
Track Type : MP3 Format
Released : 16th July 2016
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Language : Hindi


Music is a constant endeavour that enhances mind & soul to unite and devote in the search of the supreme power -Dr. Rita Dev.This Album " Swararni " comprises of some best vocal renditions based on Hindustani Classical Raagas. It is one of the best creations of Dr. Rita Dev.             Dr. Dev's repertoire includes both classical and semi-classical genres like Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Holi, Jhoola, Chaiti, Tappa and Bhajan. The Album Swararni consists of the tracks as below: 1) Raag Bageshree- Vilambit Ektaal- Aaye Ho piya 2) Raag Bageshree- Drut Teentaal- Man Mohona Mero Man Lago 3) Thumri Mishra Khamaj-Swariyan Ko Dekhe Bina Nahi Chain 4) Dadra Mishra Bhairavi- Wohi Jao Jahan Jage Sarri Ratiya. 

Music is a constant endeavour that enhances mind & soul to unite and devote in the search of the supreme power -Dr. Rita Dev Dr. Rita Dev, a distinguished name in the field of Hindustani Classical Vocal music, is a vocalist from the Banaras Gharana. As a vocalist, her skill spans both the Banaras and Gwalior gharana of Hindustani classical music traditions. Dr. Dev's repertoire includes both classical and semi-classical genres- khyal, Thumri, Dadra, kajri, Holi, Jhoola, Chaiti, Tappa and Bhajan. Trained under the Legendary Vocalist, Queen of Thumri, highly revered, Padma Vibhushan Vidhushi Dr.Girija Devi, she has successfully carved her niche amongst music lovers. Her imaginative presentation, mastery over the subtleties of melody, stirring portrayals and perfect renditions of intricate appealing phrases in alap, bol banav, sargam and taan makes her music a classy, soothing and a divine like experience to the distinguished listeners. In her illustrious career, she has graced stages across the nation and received wide appreciation for her soulful performance. As the torchbearer of the Banaras Gharana and of the Classical Music tradition Dr. Dev believes - "In India, classical music is not considered as a source of entertainment but it is regarded as a source to connect with the divine being “ and this artiste aspires and continues to connect all music lovers with the divine power through her music.