The Maestro of Bishnupur Gharana

Satyakinkar Bandopadhyay

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Raag - Iman
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Raag - Bageshree Vilambit
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Raag - Bageshree Drut
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The Bishnupur Gharana of Bengal has a prestigious past, the history of which has little been revealed. 'Bishnupur', the town of lord Vishnu, is at present a Sub-division town of Bankura district in West Bengal is Mallabhum. Though not Vast in area, the region holds a singnificant position in matters as political vigor, civilization and culture. historians suggest that 'Mallabhum' had once been the cultural achivements, music had the highest honour. Most of the exponents of Bishnupur learnt Dhrupad song and instrumental music simultaneously. Bishnupur was at that time the cultural capital of India.