A musical journey

Omkar Dadarkar

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Bandishes on Raga Ramkeli
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Bandish on Raga Malkauns
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Released : 3rd December 2016
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Language : Hindi


A musical journey- a 2 CD pack - Vocal Recital by Omkar Dadarkar- Bandishes based on Raga Ramkeli and Raga Malkauns.   

Music was in his veins. The strains of vocal music floated in the air at home as Omkar grew up. His parents were reputed natya sangeet performers while his aunt, Natyasangeet exponent Manek Verma took it upon herself to formally teach him first notes. As a child artiste, Omkar performed widely all over Maharashtra, even as Pandit Yashwantbua Joshi's insightful training introduced him to the rigours of Hindustani Classical music. 

ITC Sangeet Research Academy provided a turning point in Omkar's career. A Scholar there from 1999, for six years he deived deep into the ocean of Raga music and honed his remarkable talent under Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar. Under Vidushi Girija Devi's tutorship at the Academy he acquired fitnesse in his renderings of Thumri and Dadra, making him more complete as an artiste.

A Junior Guru at ITC Sangeet Research Academy today, Omkar is engaged in the training of several junior scholars. A recipient of the Aditya Vikram Birla Kala Kiran Award and the Ustaad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar, he has composed music for Marathi theatre as well an ITC SRA dance-and-music presentation "Monsoon Memories".

Omkar isone of the few musicians to have a firm grip over tradition even while his music bears the stamp of independent expression and individuality. As Ragas come alive in his rendition, they acquire a style that is unmistakably his own. 

On his musical journey Omkar is accompanied by his wife Smt Maitreyee Roy Dadarkar, who is herself an excellent classical vocalist trained at ITC SRA. There is a beautiful jugalbandi of two fine musical minds.