Tribute to Maihar

Ranjan Ghosh

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Raag Kousi Kanara- Aalap
INR 30.00
Raag Kousi Kanara- Vilambit Gat in Tri Tal
INR 20.00
Raag Kousi Kanara- Drut Gat in Tri Tal
INR 20.00
Dhun on Raag Khamaj in rupak Tal
INR 20.00
Orchestration on Indian Classical Music - Gahan
INR 30.00

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Type : Audio CD
Track Type : MP3 Format
Released : 30th November 2017
Stock : Available
Copyright : Bihaan Music
Mkt Rights : Bihaan Music
Language : Instrumental


Violin maestro Ranjan Ghosh plays Indian Classical Music on violin as a tribute to Seni Maihar Gharana. The Album "Tribute to Maihar "  includes Orchestration on Indian Classical Music besides solo violin renditions of the Artist in different Ragas like Kousi Kanara, Khamaj and Bhupali. 

The musical journey of Seni Maihar Gharana started with Ustad Baba Alauddin Khan Sahib. Following his footprints, Professor Rabin Ghosh (1932-2010), a 20th century violin virtuoso and disciple of Ustad Alauddin Khan Sahib, adopted this tradition with his unique style.

This legacy is being carried forwarded by his son and desciple, Shri Ranjan Ghosh through his own disciples - school goers to young professionals - who will contribute to the vast treasury of Indian Classical Music.