Mousumi Sen

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Khayal- Raag Jog
INR 20.00
Thumri-Raag Manjh Khamaj
INR 20.00
Holi Thumri - Raag Mishra Desh
INR 20.00
Kajri-Raag Mishra Pilu
INR 30.00
Dadra Bhairavi
INR 20.00

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Type : Audio CD
Track Type : MP3 Format
Released : 18th December 2017
Stock : Available
Copyright : Bihaan Music
Mkt Rights : Bihaan Music
Language : Hindi


Mousumi Sen’s first released Audio Album named SHRADDHA is dedicated to her beloved Appaji –Guru Padmavibhusasn Vidushi Girija Devi.

Mousumi sen was born in an atmosphere of music and received talim in Classical vocal music at her tender ages from her father Shri Smritipada Dastidar. She received formal training under Smt Anima Gohain for a brief stint.  Thereafter she got talim in Khayal gayaki under the tutelage of Sangeet Jyoti Shri Shiben Banerjee for almost a period of twenty years. She has been also learning Ragpradhan and Bhajan under Vidushi Mandira Lahiri.


Mousumi had been under the able guidance of  Vidushi Girija Devi from 1996 till the demise of the eminent guru. She is a graded artist with the All India Radio, Kolkata. She has been performing in several TV channels.  Her dedication to her art leads her to nurturing future talents in Indian Classical music.

Mousumi had the rare privilege of accompanying her guru Vidushi Girija Devi at several vocal performances all around India from Kolkata to Varanasi and from Delhi to Mumbai and Guwahati. Mousumi has performed solo in Kolkata, Viswa Bharati University in Shantiniketan, Varanasi, Guwahati, Shillong and several state in India. Her renditions of Khayal, Thumri, Dadra etc. in various classical conferences have earned great applause from the audience. 

Mousumi Sen is a good Singer. She took Part in various music conferences and is doing the same with excellence till now....

... She has a sound knowledge of Indian Classical and Semi Classical music. I pray to god that she touches the zenith of the realm of music”

                                                                                                                                                         -  with blessings

                                                                                                                                                                Giirija Devi